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About Us

Operation Grow, Incorporated is a Nonprofit, 501 (c) 3 Federally Tax-Exempt organization based in East Orange, New Jersey, founded and operated by African American women with proven track records of Education, Civic Engagement, Social Philanthropy, with varied educational backgrounds of pertinent expertise to sufficiently serve their constituents. 

Operation Grow, Inc. is important to the world because social, historical, racial, and economic inequalities are continuing to create an achievement gap, wealth gap, experience gap, poverty, under-education, blight, and low quality of life; Operation Grow, Inc. seeks to reduce, remedy, and eliminate such societal, human, economic, and environmental issues. 


Operation Grow is a One-Stop Empowerment Nonprofit Organization whose operating year is from September to August of each year. We seek to create Sustainability by providing education, experience, exposure, empowerment, support, training, guidance, and facilitation for our clients to improve and increase Quality of Life and live their best lives, through becoming well-rounded. Our service group is focused on underserved/frontline groups, At-risk groups, youth, minorities, women, families, children, and those who have been affected by historical and societal inequalities. 


Founded in 2019 with fresh and innovative intentions of improving quality of life, building economic prosperity, developing good citizenship, and fostering environmental stewardship through Human, Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability, Operation Grow, Inc. provides service, creates awareness, participates in advocacy, and offers philanthropy through Education. Activities such as A Youth Advisory Council, Service Learning/Community Service projects, Workshops, Volunteer Opportunities, Seminars, Courses, Trips, Tours, Publications, Scholarships, Speakers, Innovation, After-school, Weekend, Summer programming, Institutes, Shows, Dinners, Networking Events, Product Launches, Parties, Charity Events, Conferences, Concerts, Coaching, training, Consulting, Symposiums, Internships, Pop-ups, Presentations, Film Festivals, Panel discussions, Festivals, Forums, Webinars, Fairs, Community and Family Events, and mentoring to create a Pipeline to Prosperity, Progress, and Productivity.


The Values of Operation: Grow, Inc. are based on progress, productivity, and prosperity. Our vision and mission will be achieved through maintaining integrity, sincerity, character, empowerment, creativity, excellent customer service, accountability, respect, love, fairness, growth, community development and engagement, inspiration, efficiency, quality, consistency, teamwork, partnerships, safety, and a commitment to success to reach high impact results. We will foster Effective Oral and Written Communication, Collaboration, Agility and Adaptation, Resilience, Self-regulation, Curiosity and Imagination, Initiative and Entrepreneurialism, and Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving.

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