Our Areas of Sustainability

To further the Mission of Operation: Grow, Inc., our four Sustainability areas will include, but are not limited in scope:


Human Sustainability

The maintenance of Human life, Human Preservation; includes Health and Wellness, Fitness, Child Care, Social-Emotional Learning, Social and Emotional Intelligence, Proper Education, College Preparation, Literacy, STEAM, Safety, Hygiene and Grooming, Sustaining your way of life, Healthy maintenance of life cycle, Mindfulness, Self-Esteem, Meditation, Growth Mindset, Nutrition, Self-Help, Wellness Fairs, Spiritual Development, Communication & Leadership, Housing, Healthy Eating, Gender Equality, Scholarships, Character Education, Personal Pride, Service Learning, Research, Self-Defense, Parenting, Adulting, Career Preparation, Critical Thinking, Teacher Training, Multi-generational Development, Combat Medical Apartheid, Professional Development, Family Preservation, Language Development, Family Planning, Writing, Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome, Tutoring, Hunger, In-Sync with Families, Culinary, Childhood Obesity, Tackle Food Insecurity and Food Deserts, Sewing, Etiquette, and Children and Youth Development.


Economic Sustainability

 The maintenance of economic resources so that production and regeneration of resources is faster than the rate of consumption to create Economic Prosperity; including Banking, A Credit Union, Financial Literacy, Labor, Economic well-being, Wealth Building, Investing, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Research, Global Awareness, The Stock Market, Budgeting, FINRA, Consumer Protection, Money Management, Economics, Internships, Business, Work Ready Skills, and Certifications.


Social Sustainability

The preservation of humankind and society for the future and creating Social Responsibility; including Peace, Historical Preservation, Law and Order, Civics, Citizenship, Social Values, Cultural Competence and Awareness, Analysis of Legislation, Social Welfare, Civic Engagement, Creativity, Arts and Culture, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Recreation, Ethics, Technological Advancement, 21st Century Skills, Community Development and Service, Criminal Justice, Social Justice, Public Policy, Urban Development, Social Research, Mentoring, Public Relations, Community Revitalization and Improvement, International Relations, Reducing Inequality, Crime Prevention, Advocacy, Black History and The African Diaspora, Civil Rights, Peace/Non-Violence, and Anti-Bullying.


Environmental Sustainability

To maintain the natural world, resources, and the proper utilization of the environment to prolong the life of Earth and its inhabitants to inspire Environmental Stewardship; including Recycling, Conservation (Energy, Land, Water, Air quality), Green Technology, Gardening, Horticulture, Agriculture, Hydroponics and Aquaponics, Geography, Science, STEM Technology, Consumption of resources, Halt and reduce pollution, Better land utilization, Better Waste Management, Scientific Research, Eco Action, Species Preservation, Energy Efficiency, Animal and Pet care/Preservation, Climate Change, and Alternative Energy.