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Operation Grow hosts a myriad of Programs, Projects, and Events. Some are on-going, some are one time, and others are for a limited time. Please check back to our site for new and upcoming Programs, Projects, and Events. (Disclaimer: al participant consent to photography and video capturing of their image at any and all programs, projects, and events as part of the terms of participation.


Operation Grow also serves our constituents with on-demand Programs. Projects, and Events based on our goal and expertise in Human, Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability.


We have a variety of Programs:

The Operation Grow Youth Advisory Council of Urban Essex: Organized similar to a tribal circle, where a select group of youth learn, create, and lead other youth in Service Learning projects that improve the community, as well as fulfill state-mandated High School Graduation requirements. Even after extensive research, we have found that there are no African American led Youth Advisory Councils in our region of the state of New Jersey, which highlights our youth advisory Council as a vital organization for youth-voice and urban impact. 

  • College tours: High School students will have the opportunity to travel to HBCUs and PWIs, along with visiting historical and scientific sites during the itinerary.

  • Parenting workshops: to help parents to have success in their childrearing practices.

  • EdCamp: Operation Grow which hosts collaborative learning events as "EdCamp of Operation Grow".

  • Commemorations: National, Holiday, and Observance celebrations, such as Black History Month, Global Youth Service Days, National Book Month, MLK Day, 911 Commemoration, Women’s History Month, Love Your Pet Day, Read Across America, Random Acts of Kindness Week, Earth Day, etc.

  • Babysitter Training and Certification 

We have a variety of projects:

  • Service-learning projects that solve community issues

  • Research on solving societal problems and using innovative methods, based on scientific inquiry

  • City Clean-Up Days

  • Financial Juneteenth Initiative: Financial Literacy, Investing in Stocks for Wealth-Building, Green Directory (historical reference) listing of Black Businesses and Black Nonprofits to support 

  • Urban Farming, which includes Hydroponics and Aquaponics

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