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Past Events

Red and Green Illustrated Retail Holiday

Operation Grow Black Joy Social
The Purpose of a Black Joy Social is to celebrate our friends and family and move our networks to make a plan to vote. It is an ongoing commitment to community, collective wellbeing, our creativity, and connection with nature. Attendees will experience the joy of centering our values, uplifting our stories, and sharing our hopes for our friends and families. 

Black Joy Socials offer a space that will build voting power and address obstacles to civic engagement.

Pink Floral Wedding Save the Date Postca

Community Service Events

Volunteers must be screened, pass orientation and training, dress appropriately for the location and activity, attend on time and for the duration of the time allotted for their service, and follow all rules and policies.



Operation Grow partnerships with local and National Organizations, such as:

  • Newark Science and Sustainability

  • West Orange, NJ School District's Diversity, Equity, and Access Committee

  • Joi’s Angels

  • Malcolm X Memorial Foundation

  • #OPEN

  • Giving OneTenth

  • Seton Hall University Department of Africana Studies

  • Seton Hall University Library

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