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Greetings Everyone! Operation Grow, Inc. is a brand new Nonprofit that is a Federally Tax-Exempt 501 (c) 3 organization, whose Mission is the Improve Quality of Life, Build Economic Prosperity, Develop Good Citizenship, and Foster Environmental Stewardship through Human, Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability. 

We are seeking funding for various programs, projects and events, such as The Operation Grow Youth Advisory Council, and based on our research, it is the only one of its kind in this region. There is a major necessity for our youth, ages 14-25 to obtain the resources that are vital for them to contribute to the betterment of their community. In addition, our organization is planning a major launch event for August of 2020 to formally introduce the world to our impactful organization. You can also donate to support the acquisition of a van, various supplies, stipends for youth (direct costs) and general operating expenses (indirect costs).


Founded in 2019 with fresh and innovative intentions of improving quality of life, building economic prosperity, developing good citizenship, and fostering environmental stewardship through Human, Economic, Social, and Environmental Sustainability, Operation Grow provides service, creates awareness, participates in advocacy, and offers philanthropy through Education. Activities such as A Youth Advisory Council, Service Learning/Community Service projects, Workshops, Volunteer Opportunities, Seminars, Courses, Trips, Tours, Publications, Scholarships, Speakers, Innovation, After-school, Weekend, Summer programming, Institutes, Shows, Dinners, Networking Events, Product Launches, Parties, Charity Events, Conferences, Concerts, Coaching, training, Consulting, Symposiums, Internships, Pop-ups, Presentations, Film Festivals, Panel discussions, Festivals, Forums, Webinars, Fairs, Community and Family Events, and mentoring create a Pipeline to Prosperity, Progress, and Productivity.

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